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BASE2AFULL Software allows you to transform sewing programs for Brother E/F Series machines (BAS311E, BAS341E …) into sewing programs for Brother A Series or earlier machines (BAS304A, BAS341, BAS376 …).
Usually, sewing programs for Brother A series (or earlier) can usually be created from a computer only if you have the Brother PC-300 hardware. Unfortunately, however, the PC-300 is no longer available on the market.


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Customer who use our software can then convert programs from E/F-Series machines to A-Series machines or earlier without PC-300. In addition, if the customer has a CAD for Brother machines (e.g. PS-3000), he can generate from a computer
programs for the E/F series and convert them for A series or earlier machines.

In addition, the full version of our software (BASE2AFULL) also allows the reverse conversion (Series A in Series E / F), this allows you to move sewing programs created for Series A in more modern machines type E or F or G series.

The BASE2AFULL generated files can be interpreted only by our USB emulators (cod: USBb01) or SD (cod: SDb01).

The attached video is an example of using our software together with the PS-3000B CAD

These are the machines tested with our software:
BAS304A, BAS311A, BAS326A, BAS341A, BAS342A, BAS341,B AS364, BAS366, BAS370, BAS375 TC115A, TC116A, TC112A, TC118A
We are available to test our software for free with machine models not present in the list.



3 reviews for BASE2AFULL Software


The software works great. Simple and easy to use. Technical questions are responded to quickly and answered quickly, very helpful with problems, very good communication


The software is working properly.
The after-sales service is very reactive and allows to solve adaptation problems.
We are switching from BAS311 and BAS340 to usb with this.


The emulator works fine. Supplier very helpful with technical problems, very quick response

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