We do

The Z.A.D. offers his desire to design for you who have brilliant ideas but not sure how to implement them.
Tell us what you need and you will see that we can help. Our scope ranges moves from design through implementation and deployment of the product.
If you need to make machinery, mechanical arms, carriers or moving black boxes our technicians will be able to draw and move what you need.
If your product or your office needs a PC software, our programmers can definitely help you, we have great experience in the furniture (preventive and design), construction (estimates), data-base and measurement tools ( bending angles, thick pasta).
Our department designs and manufactures electronic analog or digital circuit boards on your specific requests.
We offer not only design but also help in the production of your product, thanks to our various and old experiences, we have selected the best mechanical and electronic manufacture company and hundreds of suppliers in various sectors.
One idea on the work recently made:
Our works:

  • Automatic machine for wrapping chocolates (it was a pleasure to try)
  • Automatic machine for cutting air filters
  • Ultrasound for cutting or joining plastics
  • Electronic management of sewing machines
  • Switchboards for presses
  • Cad 2D/3D + Data Base to design wood cutters
  • Measuring bend angles with USB camera
  • Meter radius bends with laser rangefinder

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