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LCD Display touch screen 5,6 320x240

The touch comes integrated with industrial controller, Blue & White Graphic LCD,Touch-input processor, opto-isolated I/O boards, analog inputs & outputs, and Plug-N-Play support for Relays boards.

The units can be programmed in BASIC or Relay Ladder Logic. Applications can range anywhere from home automation to industrial gas monitoring. Replace outdated PLC, push-buttons, small LCD combo with 1 single board.

LCD Display touch screen 5,6”.
TTL input output with protocollS MODBUS, SPI and I2C.

With BASIC language, you can create custom graphics and process touch input. Unlike some PLCs which require a BASIC CoProcessor Module, it supports communications to intelligent devices such as bar code readers, welders, serial printers, intelligent sensors, or any other device w/a RS232 port.
Specifications: microcoprocessor Dual Core Atmega128 @ 18,432 Mhz;
82 I/O (33 Input, 32 Output, 17 input/output configurable);
8 channel 10-bit ADCs Configurable Voltage
6 Channel 16-bit PWM or DAC Output Voltage Range: 0 to 5V Configurable Frequencies for PWM: 35hz to 1.15Mhz
4 interrupt external;
2 Channel 16-bit Counters (up to2 Mhz);
Real TimeClock (RTC);
Data memorym backup
Power supply 9÷24 Vdc;
2 RS232 harware
LCD touch screen 320 x 240
Read/write Compat Flash (optional)
Read/write DS (optional)
USB host flash disk (optional)

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